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Sandeep Dahiya

MSF Faculty

Dr. Dahiya has been on the faculty of the McDonough School of Business since 1999. He has published in Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments. His work has been presented at a number of professional meetings. Dr. Dahiya received his Ph.D. in Finance from New York University. He is also a Faculty Associate of the Capital Markets Research Center.

Professor Dahiya spent two years working in the Corporate Finance and Strategy practice of McKinsey & Company, a leading strategy consulting firm. He worked with CEOs and CFOs of Fortune 500 firms in Healthcare, Financial Services and Chemical industries focusing on Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets and Risk Management issues. He has also consulted for leading law firms on corporate finance issues.

Before getting his Ph.D., he spent 3 years with ICICI Bank, the second-largest financial institution in India with over $38 billion in assets and one of the first Indian companies to be listed on the NYSE. His primary responsibilities included managing lending relationships with leading Indian corporations and arranging project finance for Textile and Energy sector companies.

Professor Dahiya is a member of American Finance Association and Financial Management Association.

Selected Publications

Articles in journals:

  • Sandeep Dahiya, David Yermack. "You Can’t Take it With You: Sunset Provisions for Equity Compensation When Managers Retire, Resign or Die." Journal of Corporate Finance 14.5 (2008): 499-511.
  • Sandeep Dahiya, L. Klapper. "Who Survives: A Cross-Country Comparison." Journal of Financial Stability 3.3 (2007): 261-278.
  • Sandeep Dahiya, Sreedhar Bharath, Anthony Saunders and Anand Srinivasan. "So What Do I Get? The Bank’s View of Lending." Journal of Financial Economics 85.2 (2007): 368-419.
  • Sandeep Dahiya, Reena Aggarwal and Leora Klapper. "ADR Holdings of US-based Mutual Funds." Journal of Banking & Finance. 31.6 (2007): 1649-1667.
  • Reena Aggarwal, Sandeep Dahiya. "Demutualization and Public Offerings of Financial Exchanges." Journal of Applied Corporate Finance 18.3 (2006): 96-106.
  • Reena Aggarwal. "Demutualization and cross-country merger of exchanges." The Journal of Financial Transformation 18 (2006): 143-150.
  • Sandeep Dahiya, Manju Puri and Anthony Saunders. "Bank Borrowers and Loan Sales: New Evidence on the Uniqueness of Bank Loans." Journal of Business 76.4 (2003).
  • Sandeep Dahiya, Kose John, Manju Puri, and Gabriel Ramirez . "Debtor in Possession Financing and Bankruptcy Resolution: Empirical Evidence." Journal of Financial Economics 69 (2003): 259-280.
  • Sandeep Dahiya and David Yermack. "Litigation Exposure, Capital Structure and Shareholder Value: The case of Brooke Group." Journal of Corporate Finance 9 (2003): 271-294.
  • Sandeep Dahiya, Anthony Saunders and Anand Srinivasan. "Financial Distress and Bank Lending Relationships." Journal of Finance 58.1 (2003): 375-399.
  • Sandeep Dahiya and Reena Aggarwal. "Capital Formation and the Internet." Journal of Applied Corporate Finance (2000).
  • Sandeep Dahiya. "The Risks and Returns of Brady Bonds in a Portfolio Framework." Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments (1997): 45-60.

Articles in conference proceedings:

  • Sandeep Dahiya, S, Bharath, A. Saunders and A. Srinivasan. "So What Do I Get? The Bank’s View of Lending Relationships." How Do Banks Compete? Strategy, Regulation, Technology. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 2004.