Georgetown University

Luke C. Weichbrod

MSF Program Staff Member

Director of Operations for Technology-Intensive Education and the MSF Program

Luke C. WeichbrodLuke Weichbrod is the Director of Operations for Technology-Intensive Education and the MSF Program. He is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the academic and student experience for the program are managed effectively. Luke has established strong relationships throughout the University and serves as a key ambassador for the program with both internal and external Georgetown stakeholders. Luke was drawn to the MSF Program because of his past experience working in strategic business development and his entrepreneurial experience with nonprofit organizations who seek to implement innovative approaches to improving the provision of resources, services, and programs.

A graduate of Towson University in 2010, Luke established a 501(c) 3 nonprofit foundation in 2011 whose mission is to promote “public awareness and to end impaired driving”. He currently serves as the Foundation's Executive Director where he partners on many fronts with community leaders and the State’s Attorney’s Office in Montgomery County, Maryland. The Foundation's goal is to create an effective dialogue with community members on the topics of making informed decisions, developing skills to respond to peer and group pressure, and to effectively manage situations where impairment from alcohol or other substances can lead to poor decision-making.