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  • Georgetown McDonough School of Business
    The Georgetown MSF: Where Online Innovation Meets Academic Excellence Emerge as a global financial leader and experience how a career-focused curriculum backed by a world-class university can be transformational. Learn more
  • Students sit in a classroom in from of their professor
    Engage in Real-Time, Interactive Learning A top-ranked program, Georgetown’s MSF offers students the option to take courses online with on campus classmates and receive the same quality of education. Learn more
  • Faculty member teaching a class
    Leaders in Principled Financial Instruction Learn from faculty who are committed to making a positive difference in the classroom and to the way the world does business. Learn more
  • Professor Allan Eberhart
    “Our graduates have a broader business understanding of what the numbers mean, and that puts them in leadership positions. Nearly 90% were promoted or accepted a position at a new firm with an average salary increase of 43%." Learn more

Online Master of Science in Finance Program

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Experience a day in the life of an MSF STUDENT

Why Choose a Master in Finance (MSF) from Georgetown?

More technically focused than an MBA, our MSF engages students in a world-class finance curriculum of intensive coursework, real-world applications, a global outlook and a commitment to ethics. The MSF degree from Georgetown opens doors in prestigious firms and corporations around the world.


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"The Georgetown MSF program brings real world application to techniques and principals that have immediately impacted my current work at the bank."

- Kevin, MSF III

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