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Online Experience Overview

The Difference is an Innovative, Engaging Learning Environment

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Georgetown University and the McDonough School of Business are redefining online education with the Master of Science in Finance program through the creating of a virtual learning environment unlike anything students have ever experienced before. Immerse yourself in a learning atmosphere that gives you access to world class faculty, focuses, study around real-world business, extensive multimedia, and utilizes cutting edge technology to create an innovative virtual classroom that separates Georgetown from everyone else. The MSF courses are taught by our distinguished faculty, recognized for excellence in both teaching and research, and who have drawn upon their experience from a variety of backgrounds to design this program for rising leaders in the financial industry.

The program relies heavily on the case method, which focuses on in-depth analyses of real-world, high profile business cases. Through independent research and classroom interactions, you will learn to offer solutions to problems faced by actual firms. The case method is organized around the three p's: preparation, presence, and participation. Active participation and rigorous analysis is essential and encouraged in order to facilitate collective learning. Each course includes high quality multimedia presentations featuring your professors that help you prepare by illustrating new concepts and providing detailed explanations that complement your course materials. You are encouraged to actively engage with the material in the videos, working through problems along with the professor. Presentations include downloadable, searchable, and interactive transcripts that you can reference as you watch or use later when you study.

The professor interview videos let you learn from the faculty's own research and business experience, allowing you to apply the curriculum to real-world finance scenarios. Learning is a social activity, and the course platform fosters community among you and your peers through a dynamic learning environment. Collaborate through a familiar, social-media style wall, and connect with peers to discuss relevant current events, share articles, or arrange a meet up. You also have the opportunity to work through practice scenarios and hone your skills with problems that provide immediate, detailed feedback, that allow you to check your knowledge with self-administered quizzes. Discussion boards serve to reinforce key concepts as you work through weekly assigned case studies. You will interact with your peers to discuss real-world issues and solicit their input.

Though most of your coursework can be done any time, presence in live classroom events is critical to the program. You, your professor, and your classmates meet weekly to learn in a collaborative environment as you offer your analysis and present solutions to weekly business cases. Custom designed software creates a unique online learning experience, simulating a real classroom. Our innovative audio and video technology allows you to participate, just as you would in a traditional classroom setting. Each of you will make your contribution to the learning experience in a real-time discussion with your professor and peers, truly making this online learning experience unlike anything else.

Georgetown's commitment to fostering ethical leadership is demonstrated through state of the art voice recognition and exam proctoring software. As a result, future employers can trust the integrity and rigor of the program, and you can have confidence in the value of your degree. Prepare yourself for success in the market, business, or government through this one of a kind online learning experience with the Master of Science and Finance degree from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business. Experience the Georgetown difference.

“At the McDonough School of Business, we train principled business leaders. We have designed the MSF program to deliver our world-class curriculum in a way that best prepares our graduates for success. The program combines rigorous training with real-world experiences and empowers students to learn with peers who may be in Bahrain, Chicago, Dubai, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Washington or wherever their career has taken them.”

– Allan Eberhart,
Professor of Finance, Senior Associate Dean of Technology-Intensive Education, and MSF Program Director

As a student in Georgetown University’s MSF program, you will participate in a revolutionary educational delivery method that partners synchronous sessions that we call MSFLive with an asynchronous learning management system that we call Anytime Media. This two-pronged learning environment integrates a collaborative and cognitive relationship between students and faculty, creating a more flexible and higher quality learning experience.

Anytime Media

  • Combines high fidelity videos in which professors speak directly to students with graphics, real-world examples, and a searchable transcript so students can find key words and phrases
  • Offers a flexible path to complete coursework as students can work through the material each week at any time of the day
  • Ensures engagement through presentations and assessments
  • Connects students with faculty and peers via chat and video sessions
  • Provides practice opportunities to deepen the understanding of course material

This innovative approach to online learning captures the very best of on-campus lectures in Anytime Media presentations that feature clear, concise and effective explanations of course material.

“The program’s flexibility allows students to attend MSFLive sessions online or in-person which represents the ideal platform for me to pursue my degree at Georgetown.”

– Alec, MSF Alumni

The Georgetown MSF Blended Classroom


The weekly culmination of each course unit is the 90-minute MSFLive evening session where students participate in a case discussion with their professor and classmates. Cases involve real-world business problems faced by actual firms and require students to apply their assigned readings and Anytime Media. Additionally, students report that they often apply these lessons to address pressing business challenges in their daily work

With our revolutionary Blended Classroom, students have the option each week to attend evening MSFLive sessions on campus or online while receiving the same educational experience. Despite their geographic distance, students and professors interact as if they are next to one another. We see this combination of our cutting-edge Anytime Media and Blended Classroom as the future of education at preeminent universities around the world.