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Georgetown MSF Frequently Asked Questions

MSF I students at their opening residency.

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General FAQ

How many starts are there each year?
There is one start in the fall of each academic year.

Is this program available as a part-time program, full-time, or both?
Students can choose to study part-time or full-time. Our part-time option is designed for established professionals who would like to complete their degree while they continue to work. The full-time option is designed for those who would like to pursue their graduate degree immediately following completion of an undergraduate degree, or those between full-time positions. The full-time status also allows students to target a summer internship, something that fully employed part-time students are not usually able to do. Studying as a full-time student can close a perceived job gap. Plus, you can always switch back to part-time study should you accept a full-time position while pursuing your degree. Learn More.

How long will it take to complete the MSF?

You can complete the blended online master's degree in finance in 10 months on the (Intensive Full-time) accelerated track or in 21 months on the full-time or part-time traditional track.

What is the difference between the accelerated and traditional track?

Regardless of which format you choose, all students enrolling in the fall semester begin as a cohort and take their first-year courses together to encourage camaraderie and co-learning among classmates. The most notable difference is that students in the accelerated track also enroll in courses that students in the traditional track take in their second year in the program. Regardless of which track you pursue, all students have access to the same courses and professors.

What is the difference between the GRE and GMAT?
The GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) is a test that measures your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills. These are important skills we develop throughout our lives that aren’t specific to any one field of study.
The GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) measures your analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal and reading skills in written English. It’s intended for applicants to graduate management programs, like the MBA.

How are the graduate exams structured?
The GRE features two essays with 60 minutes of analytical writing; two 30-minute verbal reasoning sections; two 35-minute quantitative reasoning sections; and one experimental section testing verbal or math skills.
The GMAT features one 30-minute analytical section with one essay; a 30-minute integrated reasoning section; a 75-minute quantitative section; and a 75-minute verbal section.

What is the academic accreditation of Georgetown University’s MSF program?
All McDonough School of Business degree programs are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Does the MSF degree specify it was an online program on the transcript or diploma?
The degree awarded is a Master of Science in Finance with no designation of program modality.

Do online MSF program students have access to on-campus resources?
Yes. Each online student is a member of the Georgetown family and always is welcome on campus. Online MSF students receive a GoCard, which grants them access to campus buildings. In addition, all students are encouraged to use university library resources, and attend sporting events, lectures, and more. 

What networking opportunities are available to online MSF students?
We work hard to extend the same networking opportunities available to on-campus students to online students. You are encouraged to attend McDonough School of Business receptions and lectures online or virtually. Students in the program can network in our Women in Finance group, and all students are encouraged to participate in investment challenges when they occur, such as the Peeptrade Investment Challenge. Upon graduation, we hope you'll take part in events organized by the McDonough Office of Alumni Relations or the MSF program, many of which are often offered online and in-person for your convenience. 

Can online MSF program students participate in MSF and McDonough student organizations?
Yes. As an online student, you are encouraged to participate in all the student organizations our program and school offers. For example, students in the program can participate in Women in Finance, which provides the opportunity to participate in discussions on hot topics in the industry. The Georgetown FinTech club also is popular with our students. The group aims to foster a community passionate about start-ups, venture capital, and organizations leveraging technology to transform the financial services industry.

Are there any organizations specific to women in the degree program?
Yes. Many of the students in our program participate in Women in Finance. This group provides opportunities for students to participate in discussions related to hot topics in the industry. 

Courses & Curriculum FAQ

What is the difference between Georgetown University’s Master of Science in Finance and a traditional MBA?
The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program from Georgetown University is more technically focused on finance than an MBA. This focus allows students to explore today’s global finance environment more deeply and grow into tomorrow’s recognized leaders in finance. Moreover, MSF students engage in a world-class curriculum focused on finance taught by McDonough School of Business faculty. The MSF provides education for students who do not wish to take a break from their careers, in a shorter timeframe and at a lower cost than an MBA from a premier university, which incorporates coursework outside of the finance area.

Does this program involve any in-person residencies?
There are three invaluable residency experiences. The first is a weeklong opening residency that takes place after completing the program’s first core course: Financial Markets. During this week, students meet face-to-face with their faculty mentors and engage in an intensive case study with their fellow classmates. This unique opportunity allows students to fully immerse themselves in the Georgetown University experience, explore the campus and fortify the bonds made with peers and faculty. Students are also required to be on campus for an intensive weekend of team work in preparation for each team’s presentation of their consulting project to their international client, the third residency. This requirement is an important component of the capstone Global Consulting Project course.

What is the MSF Blended4 Experience and how does the Blended Classroom work?
Georgetown University's MSF Blended4 Experience is a revolutionary approach to technology-intensive education that allows online students and on-campus students to learn alongside each other and benefit from the same opportunities. The Blended Classroom offers you the option to attend MSFLive sessions each week on campus or online. Despite geographic distance, students and professors interact as if they are next to one another, so everyone receives the same quality of education. 

Notable features of the Blended Classrooms:

  • You will be required to participate in weekly live lectures and discussions that we call MSFLive.
  • Other coursework can be completed at your own pace throughout the week.
  • Tailor our program to your unique circumstances by studying part-time or full-time. You can also change your status if you need to.
  • Experience the same student support services and career services as in-person students, from wherever you are.

Throughout your online program, you'll participate in multiple forms of communication with a tight-knit network of professors and fellow students. This way, you can take advantage of a traditional classroom experience while also enjoying the convenience of completing the program without needing to relocate to the Washington, D.C. area.

Learn more about the MSF Blended4 Experience

What are the benefits of the Georgetown MSF cohort model of learning?
We use a cohort style model which means that each starting class progresses through the entire program together. Our students repeatedly tell us this structure has enhanced their learning and co-learning experience exponentially, with each student encouraging one another to think deeply and actively participate in group discussions. This shared learning experience allows students to be both a teacher and a learner, while building rewarding, tight-knit relationships both personally and professionally.

Does this program serve as preparation for any professional licensure?
The MSF Program is a stand alone Master's degree with a specialization in the study of Finance. It is not a prep program for the CFA or related exams and certifications. While some of our current students and alumni either go that route before or after completing their MSF, the degree itself is in no way a precursor to the requirements of the above mentioned certifications.

What opportunities are there to get hands-on experience in investing outside of coursework?
The Peeptrade University Challenge provides a great opportunity to learn more about investing and network. Student teams achieved extraordinary success by turning $1 million into $383 billion in 2018. 

Admissions FAQ

Is there an Orientation prior to the program start?
Yes. Every student participates in an on-campus orientation prior to the start of the program. The orientation is an opportunity for incoming students to meet classmates and faculty so they can hit the ground running with their first course. It also brings students together on campus to learn about available resources.

What is the GPA requirement for admission to the online MSF program at Georgetown University?
Your overall GPA is less important to the admissions committee than your undergraduate major, school and performance in the most relevant courses.

Does Georgetown MSF accept transfer credit?
Transfer of course credits to the MSF program is not permitted. This includes both graduate credits earned at other institutions and graduate credits earned at Georgetown University prior to enrolling in the MSF program. All students enrolled in the MSF degree program are required to meet the minimum 32-credit requirement to graduate.
Due to time limits and the academic commitment required of the MSF degree program, at this time, the MSF degree may not be pursued as a concurrent or joint degree with any other degree program at Georgetown, including those in the School of Business. Similarly, students may not take courses outside of the required courses for the MSF program.

Does the MSF program sponsor student visas for international students?
No, at this time, the MSF program does not provide visa sponsorship for its international students.

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