Georgetown University

Online MS in Finance Courses

A Comprehensive, Career-Driven Curriculum

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) online program focuses on a global outlook, practical application, real-world trends and the importance of ethics to deliver a comprehensive and career-focused education.

The world-class MSF curriculum consists of 32 credits over 21 months: On-campus Orientation, six core courses, six selective courses, the weeklong On-campus Residency and the Global Consulting Project Residency.

Residencies (5 credits)

Core Curriculum (18 credits)

Advanced Courses (6 credits)

Program Electives (at least 3 of 6 credits)

Semester structure: 3-credit courses offered in 7-week modules; *1.5 credit courses offered in 4-week modules: only two are required.

The curriculum is reviewed annually. Additions and updates to the courses could be made in the future based upon the annual review.