Georgetown University

Blended Online M.S. in Finance Courses

A Rigorous, Practical Curriculum

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) blended online program focuses on a global outlook, experiential learning, real-world trends, and the importance of principled leadership to deliver a rigorous, comprehensive and practical education.

The world-class MSF curriculum is available either part-time or full-time over 21 months for the traditional track or 10 months for the (intensive full-time) accelerated track. The curriculum requirements include six core courses, two advanced courses, and a choice of elective courses (minimum of two are required), as well as a weeklong in-person Financial Markets Residency and the capstone Global Consulting Project course, where students apply much of the knowledge and skills they have learned throughout the program to a real-world consulting project for an international firm. The course concludes with a trip to the client’s home country for an in-person presentation to the firm’s executives. The students also engage in cultural activities during their visit.

Students pursuing the traditional full-time track take the Career Strategy course and two additional electives (students may switch from the traditional full-time track to the traditional part-time track or vice versa). Students in the other tracks also can choose to take the Career Strategy course and other electives. Compare a curriculum breakdown for the traditional and accelerated tracks here.

Residencies (5 credits)

Core Curriculum (18 credits)

Advanced Courses (6 credits)

Program Electives (students must choose at least two of the following 1.5-credit electives)*

*Depending on availability, students may be able to enroll in additional elective courses offered by the Georgetown McDonough MBA program. Students may also have the option to take an approved 1.5-credit MBA elective as a substitute for one of the required MSF elective courses.

Additional Electives

Semester structure: 3-credit courses offered in 7-week modules; *1.5 credit courses offered in 4-week modules.


Additional Non-Credit Learning Opportunities for MSF Students