Georgetown University

Global Consulting Project

The Global Consulting Project is the program’s capstone course where you apply many of the skills you have learned throughout the program to a real-world consulting project for an overseas client you will work on with a team or three to four other classmates. The course consists of assigned readings and classes where you learn about the business, cultural, and the political climate of your client’s home country. The course concludes with a trip to make an in-person presentation of your team’s project analysis and recommendation(s) to your client. You and your classmates will also participate in cultural visits to learn more about your client’s home country. 

Student Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Integrate knowledge obtained from prior coursework and apply it to the solution of current problems faced by an international firm or organization
  • To learn about the business, cultural, and business climate of your client's home country
  • Increase ability to conduct international business with comfort and confidence in a foreign culture, and to improve managerial mobility (the ability to complete a job wherever it needs to be done)
  • Improve problem-solving ability, analytical skills, skills of synthesis, and communication skills

"One of the reasons I chose the MSF program was because of the global consulting project. The academics during the program are challenging, but the consulting project challenges you in other ways, and I think ultimately makes us better professionals."

— Lauren Leifeste (MSF'19)

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ALLAN EBERHART: Georgetown has been global since the 18th century. And our Master of Science of Finance continues this tradition through a customized capstone global consulting project course that's a full immersion into a real world international project. You and a team of classmates will work for an overseas client, often in a developing country, and conclude with a trip to the client's headquarters to present your analyses and recommendations to senior executives. You'll also learn about the country's history, culture, and business climate. I invite you to learn more about how an online degree can take you across the globe.

Past Projects

Our students have worked with a wide range of companies, NGOs, and nonprofits on a diverse set of projects that have the potential for significant impact locally and globally.

Absa (formally Barclays), South AfricaPangaea Securities, Zambia
Coca-Cola, South AfricaParatus, Namibia
Cummins, South AfricaRand Merchant Bank, South Africa
Hope Worldwide, South AfricaRio Tinto, South Africa
KPMG, SpainSantander, Spain
Merchant Capital, South AfricaStandard Bank, South Africa 
Namibian Stock Exchange, NamibiaTelefonica, Spain
Nedbank, Namibia