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Online MS in Finance Overview

Georgetown University's online Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program transforms today's best professionals into rising industry leaders. Created by the distinguished faculty of the McDonough School of Business, this world-class curriculum and revolutionary online learning platform deliver the essential skills to take your finance career to the next level. The program is available in a blended format with part-time and full-time options.

Developing the Next Leaders in Finance

As an MSF student, you learn firsthand from a faculty of accomplished scholars and teachers. Our program provides working professionals — from anywhere in the world — the opportunity to deepen their business and technical finance skills, and experience a Georgetown University education where faculty are committed to high-quality teaching.

Engage in a finance degree program that offers a curriculum of intensive coursework, real-world applications, a global outlook, and a commitment to ethical values. In 21 months, you'll complete a deep dive into finance more quickly and thoroughly than a typical MBA can offer.

Graduate from Georgetown University with your MSF degree and join global financial leaders with a depth of knowledge that includes:

  • The ability to value stocks, bonds, and derivatives using cutting-edge valuation methods
  • A comprehensive understanding of how to evaluate corporate investment projects in a strategic context
  • An appreciation for the importance of ethical decision-making
  • The ability to construct an efficient portfolio using the latest techniques for estimating expected returns and risks
  • A thorough understanding of how markets work according to the Efficient Market Hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis of Behavioral Finance
  • The ability to blend sophisticated modeling with a global mindset in the management of corporate risks

"The program’s flexibility allows students to attend MSFLive sessions online or in-person which represents the ideal platform for me to pursue my degree at Georgetown."

– Alec, MSF Alumni

The MSF program follows a cohort model and is available in part-time or full-time formats consisting of:

  • Six Core Courses
  • Six Elective Courses
  • Orientation – two days in the summer prior to program start
  • A Weeklong Opening Residency – October of the first year
  • Capstone Global Consulting Project Residencies – consisting of an intensive team prep weekend in April on campus followed by the global trip residency in May of the second year

Learn more about our dynamic Master of Science in Finance (MSF) curriculum.

Our part-time option is designed for established professionals who would like to complete their degree while they continue to work. The full-time option is designed for students who want to pursue their graduate degree immediately after earning their undergraduate degree, desire to complete a summer internship, or are between full-time positions.

Learn more about our part-time and full-time program options, review our FAQs section, or contact a program advisor at (866) 531-4825.

Transforming the Learning Experience

As a student in Georgetown University's MSF program, you interact with faculty and fellow students via a revolutionary online learning platform. Our dynamic asynchronous learning management system combines collaborative and cognitive tools to maximize student engagement and interaction throughout the program. We call this immersive learning platform Anytime Media. It's rich with virtual lessons, practice opportunities, case study discussions, and live debates of real-world problems to deliver a deeper understanding of complex course material.

Our distinguished faculty use this cutting-edge technology to provide interactive learning experiences. We use the case method of instruction, placing students in real-world business scenarios to guide collaborative discussions. Each course includes a weekly 90-minute synchronous evening session that we call MSFLive, which builds upon your ability to understand complex financial concepts.

Explore our innovative platform.

Why You'll Prefer Georgetown's MSF Learning Platform

Become immersed in a rich learning experience using these innovative tools:

  • Anytime Media Platform: Each week, you work through the course material — at a time of your choosing — using our Anytime Media platform. The primary component of this technology is the Professor Presentations, a sequential series of high-fidelity videos in which professors speak directly to students with a virtual whiteboard. Each Professor Presentation comes with a searchable transcript so students can search key words or phrases and be taken to the corresponding moment in the video. Our Anytime Media also consists of practice problems, team discussion posts, and other materials.
  • MSFLive: The weekly culmination of each course unit is a 90-minute MSFLive evening session where you participate in a case discussion with your professor and classmates. Cases involve real-world business problems faced by actual firms and require you to apply what you've learned in your assigned readings and from Anytime Media. Students often use their MSFLive learning to address pressing business challenges in their daily work.
  • Our Blended Classroom: With the Blended Classroom, you have the option each week to attend MSFLive evening sessions on campus or online while receiving the same educational experience. Whether in the classroom, or at home in another city or state, students and professors interact as if they are next to one another.

Gain Immersive, Real-World Experience

This finance degree is enhanced with on-campus and in-the-field components to further immerse you in the vibrant Georgetown University community of students, scholars, faculty, professionals, and policymakers.

During the weeklong Opening Residency, you work on a case competition alongside fellow students and McDonough School of Business faculty. As a McDonough student, you are welcome to visit the campus for seminars, conferences, and talks featuring our renowned faculty and their colleagues from other leading universities, as well as prestigious alumni and top financial professionals from around the world.

In the capstone Global Consulting Project, students apply their coursework and skills to conduct a real-world consulting project for an international firm and take their final presentation abroad in a weeklong visit to the client's country. The capstone project marks the end of your journey to your MSF degree. It also provides an invaluable and relevant experience that students can immediately apply to their current or upcoming career in finance.

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