Georgetown University

Technology Requirements

These are the technical requirements necessary for your online courses to run properly. Please read this information carefully, as you must ensure that your computer is properly configured.

Operating Systems and Hardware Specifications

Any computer (desktop or laptop) running one of the following Operating Systems (OS).

  • Windows: Windows 10 or 11.
  • Mac: OS X Catalina, Big Sur, and Monterey. (Students are required to use an Apple-supported version of macOS).

Please note that tablets (including iPads, Kindles) and Chromebooks are not supported for attending MSFLive, watching Anytime Media videos, and taking quizzes/exams. We do realize you may be utilizing those types of devices while completing your online assignments or using eBook readers for accessing some of your textbooks.


Any computer using one of the following processors:

  • Intel Core i5 or i7
  • AMD Ryzen 5 or 7
  • Macs with Apple Silicon (M1) chips 

Storage: 256GB SSD Minimum

Random Access Memory (RAM): 16 GB minimum. The more RAM your computer has, the more efficient it is able to run applications. Modern operating systems will use up almost 4GB without running any programs.

Internet Bandwidth: Broadband Internet with a recommended 20 Mbps upload/download speed. (Wired connection recommended for taking online proctored exams).

Other Hardware:

  • Working webcam (internal or external) and microphone
  • Headset with built-in microphone (for audio while attending MSFLive). Wired headset is recommended, as Bluetooth headsets can be problematic, use them at your own discretion.

Attending MSFLive: We highly recommend a PC or Mac for attending MSFLive sessions. 

Required Software

Zoom (Video Conferencing)
Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows users to host and join online meetings, chat and collaborate.


This is a statistical software that will be made available for download for registered students for free at the Georgetown University Software store.

Web Browser Requirements

For Windows Operating Systems:

For Mac Operating Systems:

Browser Settings:

  • Pop-up Blockers must be disabled when taking Quizzes and Exams with online proctoring.

Required Plug-ins and Add-In’s

  • Proctorio:  
    • This Chrome extension must be enabled when taking exams using Proctorio. It can be disabled at all other times. 

Please note that for online quiz and exam proctoring, Tablets and Mobile Devices are not supported.

Suggested Software

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Your courses will include the use of .pdf files. You can download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC here:

Microsoft Office

Your courses may include Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint presentations. If you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, you may install and use online viewers to view the course materials. Information about viewers can be found here:

Additionally, check out the UIS Technology Services for New Students page for additional information regarding free software, software discounts, and other technology related services for GU students found here:

Compression/"Zip" Utilities

All of the supported operating systems have built-in utilities for creating and opening .zip files. Your courses may require you to create .zip files, please become familiar with how to do so.

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