Georgetown University

Technology Requirements

These are the technical requirements necessary for your online courses to run properly. Please read this information carefully, as you must ensure that your computer is properly configured.

Operating Systems

Any computer that is capable of running a modern Operating Systems (OS).  For example:

  • Windows 7 or newer versions
  • Mac OS/X (10.10.x)
  • More memory (RAM) will allow for more applications, such as your online course and Microsoft Word, to be open and will speed up your computer in general. Note: Minitab 17 is memory intensive.
  • A High Speed/Broadband internet connection (1mb up/down).
  • Headphone/Headsets with a built in microphone are required for the MSFLive sessions.


Web Browser Requirements

The following web browsers are supported and tested:

With PCs running Windows OS:

Chrome (recommended)
Download the latest version of Chrome here:

Internet Explorer version 11 (for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 only)
Download the latest version of Internet Explorer for Windows here:

Microsoft Edge (latest version)
Comes pre-installed with Windows 10. We recommend using the auto-update feature of Windows 10 to keep up to date.

Firefox (latest version)
Download the latest version of Firefox here:

With Macs running OS X:

Chrome (recommended)
Download the latest version of Chrome here:

Download/update the latest version of Safari from the App Store from your Mac

Firefox 4.0 (latest version)
Download the latest version of Firefox here:

Cookies Must Be Enabled on your Browser

A cookie is a small file that is placed on your computer by the server. Cookies are a very common Internet technology used by many websites, such as Amazon or eBay. Your browser has a setting that allows you to control whether you allow cookies or not.

Since cookies are so common, your browser probably already has cookies enabled. If you are unsure whether your browser is set up properly, please call the Personal Support Center.

Required Plug-ins 

Adobe Flash

In order to attend the Live Classroom, you must have the Adobe (formerly Macromedia)Flash plug-in. If you do not have Flash installed, or have difficulty viewing the animations, you may load the most current version of the Flash plug-in here:

For Windows OS, Windows .net 4.0 is required to be installed. You can download Windows .net 4.0 here:

Note: We recommend a PC for attending MSFLive and taking exams. Many mobile devices have the most problems with Flash. If your mobile device cannot display Flash animation then it might not be suitable for online access. Please note that for online exam proctoring, Tablets, Hybrid Devices, and Mobile Devices are not currently supported.

Suggested Plug-ins and Software

Adobe Acrobat

Your courses may include .pdf files, which require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If Acrobat is not installed on your computer, please download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Microsoft Office

Your courses may include Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint presentations. If you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, you may install and use the free Office application viewers to view the course materials. Information about and downloads for the viewers can be found here: Additionally, check out the UIS Technology Services for New Students page for additional information regarding free software, software discounts, and other technology related services for GU students found here:


This course may include video that will require QuickTime Video Player. You may download a free version of QuickTime Player at:

Compression/"Zip" Utility

This course may require the use of a compression utility such as WinZip to create a zipped file (*.zip). If you do not have a compression utility installed on your computer, you may download a free copy of WinZip here:

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