Georgetown University

Career Strategy

This 16-week, one-credit, pass-fail, fall semester course provides students with the tools, resources, techniques, and access necessary to be ready to leverage the MSF degree both in the short and the long-term.

Its focus is to ensure that upon completion students are well-versed in career opportunities including:

  • How to engage in the recruitment and job search process.
  • How to effectively stand-out among the competition.
  • How to navigate critical job search, workplace, and life-long career decisions both now and well into the future.

This course is open to any first-year student who has an interest in ensuring that they are well-prepared to manage their career over time and who will benefit from the structure of a formal course to make progress towards their goals. Students at all ages and stages of career are welcome. Veterans transitioning to the civilian world, individuals preparing for a career pivot (moving from a non-finance field into finance), younger students with limited experience (2-5 years), and those seeking senior leadership positions will find value in this course. The structure of the course provides a high-level of access to career advisors and will be best for students who wish to put in the work to be ready to leverage the degree when the time is right.