Georgetown University

Career Strategy

This course provides a highly structured experience where students accelerate their readiness for career decision-making by focusing on establishing the processes, resources, and personal awareness necessary to effectively engage in the career management process.

The course material provides a comprehensive overview of the strategic role that career management plays in a successful career and life. Consistent with research about the correlation between career success and active career and life planning, this course encourages participants to understand the theory behind career decision-making and to learn important skills, career management competencies, and processes that have practical applications for life-long career engagement.

Learning outcomes of the Career Strategy:

  • Systematically explore career options
  • Build foundational business, communication, networking, leadership, personal branding and professional image, negotiation, job search, interviewing, presentation, and relationship management skills
  • Self-brand for future career opportunities
  • Make strategic networking connections
  • Launch jobs or internship searches
  • Manage workplace situations effectively
  • Fully leverage skills and experience for career advancement or enhancement

Emphasis is placed on acquiring the competencies and career knowledge necessary to establish an individualized career management and decision-making strategy that fully leverages the MSF Degree. The course materials, experiences, and assignments are designed to establish the conditions necessary to both understand and address the current and future needs of employers in business, finance, and consulting.