Georgetown University

Financial Accounting

This course focuses on the accumulation, analysis and presentation of relevant accounting data of an enterprise and how it is used to serve the needs of managers, shareholders, creditors and external analysts.

Learning Outcomes of Financial Accounting

  • Discuss and understand the role of accounting in providing information for financial managers, investors, equity analysts, and creditors.
  • Apply the fundamental accounting concepts and principles to concrete business problems.
  • Discuss the elements of financial statements and the implications of management judgment and choice in accounting measurement.
  • Describe how managers might employ opportunistic behavior (earnings management) to further their own gain, avoid unwanted attention, and report the firm in the best possible way.
  • Create financial statements.
  • Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate accounting information in the context of concrete business problems.
  • Describe and understand international differences in accounting.
  • Describe and understand the facets of multinational accounting.
  • Discuss ethical and social issues and the macro implications of accounting.