Georgetown University

Principled Financial Leadership

Designed to train women and men to lead with integrity, this course focuses on ethical challenges faced by leaders of financial firms or by leaders in finance positions at non-financial firms.

Learning Outcomes of Principled Financial Leadership

This course will offer answers to the questions below to equip you with tools to answer them on your own over the course of your career.

  • What does it take to lead effectively?
  • What inclines us to follow some people and not others?
  • What inclines people, teams, business units, or entire firms to behave ethically and what explains their misconduct?
  • What do we owe morally to others in a business context?
  • What do corporate leaders owe to society?

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ED SOULE: Welcome to principal financial leadership. My name's Ed Soule, and I'm half of the teaching team for this course. I'd like to step outside of my normal role as a college professor and share some thoughts as a former CPA, as a CFO in the financial services industry, and as an investor and someone with a keen and continuous interest in the world of finance.

Leadership made a big difference in my career. Gaining an understanding of what's entailed in influencing other people changed the scope of what I could do and the responsibilities I could assume. Our job is to bring that science to bear in this course and share with you the possibility of a similar transformation in your careers.

MICHAEL O'LEARY: Hi I'm Michael O'Leary, co-teacher in principal financial leadership. Through the course of your MSF program, you're going to dramatically increase your technical skills in the world of finance. But those skills alone are not sufficient for you to assume the kinds of leadership roles that we're confident you're capable of assuming over the next period of your career. So, in the course of this program and in the principal financial leadership course, we're going to talk about a range of things and hopefully enhance your ability to lead more effectively going forward, leading in an ethical way and inclining the organizations that you're leading to operate more ethically in general.