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The Difference is an Innovative, Engaging Learning Environment

Discover how students benefit from the flexibility of our Blended Classrooms.

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ALLAN EBERHART, PHD: From its inception, we designed the Georgetown Online MSF to be a premium program that combines the flexibility professionals required today, with the rigor, integrity, personalized attention, and career management support previously only offered by preeminent onsite programs. We did so by using our best faculty and administrators, cutting-edge technology, and a cohort-based learning approach.

RUSS: One of the things I like most about this program is how well it fits into my life. I'm the father of three children under the age of five, so it was important to have a good work-life balance.

SARAH: I wanted to go to a school with a strong reputation, but didn't want to be local.

ALLAN EBERHART, PHD: A cornerstone of the Georgetown MSF program is our Anytime Media, where our professors speak directly to you with high-fidelity videos, virtual animation, and searchable transcripts, that allow you to learn the material whenever it fits best in your daily schedule, and wherever you are in the world.

STEPHANIE: If there's the concept that I am a little fuzzy on, I'm able to rewind and re-watch.

RUSS: It's a methodology of learning that works well for me.

ALLAN EBERHART, PHD: At Georgetown, we've taken blended learning to a whole new level, with our revolutionary blended classrooms, where students have the option to attend MSF live sessions in person or online, in a combined classroom. You can be right next to the professor, or on the other side of the world, and have the same educational experience.

JAMES ANGEL, PHD: Russ, I see you have a question.

RUSS: What are some of the benefits of using the yield function vice the rate functionality?

JAMES ANGEL, PHD: That's a great question. Both the rate function and the yield function can work, but you'll find that the yield function does a better job of keeping track of the exact time to maturity, as well as the accrued interest.

RUSS: That makes sense.

ERIK: You're there. Even though you're virtually tuning in, you're there in the classroom, and the program does a really good job of making sure that it's as seamless and clean as possible.

STEPHANIE: I've actually attended the virtual classroom from overseas a couple of times, and I've been able to connect with my classmates, and still get the same great education that I would attending from home.

SARAH: I've been able to take what I've been learning and apply it almost immediately into work.

STEPHANIE: The MSF live sessions have allowed me to interact with my classmates in a way that I didn't anticipate that I would have. I've been able to create really strong relationships with people in the program.

ERIK: The fact that there are people that are tuning in from other countries and other industries really means a lot, because you get a lot of different perspectives, and it takes place in the virtual classroom.

ALLAN EBERHART, PHD: The Georgetown MSF program is designed for professionals at all stages of their career, who need the flexibility to work beyond the Washington DC area, and who want to be part of a close knit community committed to academic excellence and career advancement. Wherever you are, you'll be with us on the hilltop.

“At the McDonough School of Business, we train principled business leaders. We have designed the MSF program to deliver our world-class curriculum in a way that best prepares our graduates for success. The program combines rigorous training with real-world experiences and empowers students to learn with peers who may be in Bahrain, Chicago, Dubai, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Washington or wherever their career has taken them.”

– Allan Eberhart, Senior Associate Dean, Master of Science in Finance (MSF) Program

As a student in Georgetown University’s MSF program, you will participate in a revolutionary educational delivery method that partners synchronous sessions that we call MSFLive with an asynchronous learning management system that we call Anytime Media. This two-pronged learning environment integrate a collaborative and cognitive relationship between students and faculty, creating a more flexible and higher-quality learning experience. Our unique MSF Blended4 Experience helps ensure that you benefit from an engaging, personalized program. You will learn alongside in-person students and choose from several concierge-level student support services and career services.

Anytime Media

  • Combines high fidelity videos in which professors speak directly to students with graphics, real-world examples, and a searchable transcript so students can find key words and phrases
  • Offers a flexible path to complete coursework as students can work through the material each week at any time of the day
  • Ensures engagement through presentations and assessments
  • Connects students with faculty and peers via chat and video sessions
  • Provides practice opportunities to deepen the understanding of course material

This innovative approach to online learning captures the very best of on-campus lectures in Anytime Media presentations that feature clear, concise and effective explanations of course material.

“The program’s flexibility allows students to attend MSFLive sessions online or in-person which represents the ideal platform for me to pursue my degree at Georgetown.”

– Alec, MSF Alumni

The Georgetown MSF Blended Classroom


The weekly culmination of each course unit is the 90-minute MSFLive session where students participate in a case discussion with their professor and classmates. Cases involve real-world business problems faced by actual firms and require students to apply what they have learned through assigned readings and Anytime Media. Additionally, students report that they often apply these lessons to address pressing business challenges in their daily work.

With our innovative MSF Blended4 Experience, all students have the option each week to attend MSFLive sessions on campus or online. The Blended4 Experience provides you with flexibility and access to your MSF coursework regardless of your unique circumstances and distance learning needs. We see this combination of our cutting-edge Anytime Media and Blended Classroom as the future of education at preeminent universities worldwide.

MSF Blended4 Experience

The MSF program has revolutionized online learning with a four-tiered, blended approach:

  1. Weekly class sessions are delivered live, with other requirements you can complete when it's convenient, within a given week.
  2. Inclusive classes mean that online and in-person students learn together.
  3. You can transition between part-time and full-time status as needed.
  4. Take advantage of student support services, including career services, that are tailored to you and delivered both online and in-person.

Through this blended approach, students and professors interact as if they are next to one another despite their geographic distance. You will be able to benefit from all of the same opportunities as on-campus students while studying in a rich digital environment.

To discover more about what you'll learn, visit the MSF program website.

Additional Online MSF Student Benefits

When you enroll in our online master's in finance program, you are part of the Georgetown family. That means you gain access to the many benefits of being a Hoya, including:

  • GoCard: Each student gets a GoCard, granting them access to campus buildings. Online students are encouraged to visit campus when they're able.
  • University and McDonough School of Business Events: From sporting events to lectures, you can choose to come to campus for events that interest you.
  • McDonough School of Business Organizations: You're encouraged to take part in organizations that further your learning and career advancement
  • Alumni Events: As an alumnus of Georgetown, we hope you'll join us for our many alumni events offered virtually and on campus.
  • Women in Finance: The Women in Finance organization provides an opportunity for students in the MSF program to work with executives in residence and join discussions on hot topics in the industry.
  • Investment Challenges: All MSF students are invited to participate in the Peeptrade University Challenge to get hands-on experience and network with other students. In 2018, student teams achieved extraordinary success by turning $1 million into $383 billion. 
  • Dedicated Career Services: As the only MSF Program in the country with a dedicated career services office, our career management team serves as your partner in establishing the crucial relationships — with other students, employers, faculty, and administrators — that enables you to determine your next career move.