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MSF Consulting Track

An Introduction: The MSF Consulting Track

One industry area that many MSF students are interested in is consulting. Many, however, do not have the direct experience that some consulting positions require. That interest and lack of direct experience, combined with strong competition for hiring among consulting companies, led us to develop the MSF Consulting Track.

The MSF Consulting Track provides supplemental resources, information, and experiences above and beyond the academic curriculum and includes:

  • Monthly discussions on topics related to consulting in both the fall and spring semesters
  • 1:1 Advising with an Executive in Residence for Consulting and tailored guidance from the Career Management Director
  • Summer Consulting Clinic Experience (Capstone of the Consulting Track)

Participation in the Consulting Track is voluntary. You can participate in as much or as little of the Track as you like. Monthly calls are open to all students - both first and second year students. Participation in the MSF Consulting Clinic is by application (typically in March) with preference given to students who have attended the monthly calls and who exhibit an interest in consulting.

The MSF Consulting Clinic:

Consulting as a profession is experiencing substantial transformation – bringing exciting career opportunities as well as ominous red flags. The goal of the Consulting Clinic is to give MSF students a realistic and comprehensive view of what they should expect if they were to pursue a consulting career. The Clinic will focus on the skills, capabilities and temperament required to climb the ranks in a consulting firm. It will also include a project, developed in tandem with an employer partner, which will enable participants to demonstrate their skills and expertise.

The Clinic takes place during the summer term and will include 6-8 weekly Zoom sessions and a final in-person presentation. The weekly Zoom sessions will focus on background topics such as industry status, a consultant’s roles and responsibilities, the key market players and the on-going change and evolution of the industry. In addition, students will be divided into teams and will work on a project (valuation, complex analysis, etc.) selected by the MSF Faculty in coordination with one or more employer partners (clients). Our partnership with select employers will enable us to provide realism and an internship like experience for the students.

Leadership of the MSF Consulting Track

The MSF Consulting Track and Consulting Clinic are managed by the Director of Career Management and our Executive in Residence for Consulting. The Executive in Residence works closely with the Director of Career Management to lead Consulting Track discussions, the summer Consulting Clinic, and assists in the Global Consulting Project. In addition, the Executive in Residence for Consulting provides advising to students who are interested in exploring a career in consulting by providing guidance on everything from the job search to preparing for onboarding at a new organization.