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MSF Program Concludes its First Career Bootcamp

Given the toll the pandemic has taken on the economy, the McDonough School of Business’ Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program sought to provide an extra level of support for MSF students seeking a competitive advantage over other candidates. In this vein, they implemented a six-week intensive career bootcamp for incoming students. With increasingly early application deadlines for summer internships in banking and consulting, the MSF Career Bootcamp prepared students looking to secure positions for next summer.

“We strive to continually enhance the MSF program by following trends in business and engaging our students,” said Allan Eberhart, senior associate dean of the MSF program. “The launch of the MSF Career Bootcamp is a result of this engagement and our efforts to ensure an unparalleled student experience.”

In particular, the bootcamp offered students vital information regarding the recruitment process. MSF students received help fine-tuning their application materials, developing interview techniques, and preparing for the application cycle in August and September. They also were given an overview of career options that tie directly to the MSF degree.

Many participants highlighted the individualized attention they received from faculty during this period of professional growth.

“After discussing my previous academic and professional experience, I felt as though I was given specific and actionable feedback,” said Lotus Belle-Glover (MSF’22). “This interest in my career aspirations became an integral part of my individualized career strategy.”

In addition to the personalized feedback all students received, many also noted the attention to detail that the faculty provided.

“When career recruitment events became virtual as a result of COVID-19, the resources offered throughout the MSF Career Bootcamp were unmatched in detail,” said Roberto Santos (MSF ’22). Whether it was practicing video interviews or networking online, every aspect of the application process was reviewed.”

MSF Career Services prides itself on helping students establish and nurture long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. David Penberthy (MSF’22) explains that the bootcamp experience gave him clear direction on his next move because of the relationship-building lessons he gained.

“The boot camp helped me prioritize where and who I should be networking with as I enter into strategy consulting,” added Penberthy. “I have a much clearer idea of what my next moves will be because of this guidance.”

Since concluding in the last week of July, many of the MSF Career Bootcamp’s participants have submitted internship applications for the upcoming year. Thomas Stowell, associate dean of MSF Career Management and Strategic Initiatives and the instructor for the course, is confident that MSF students will implement the tools and techniques they have learned to secure competitive internships.

“I’m incredibly proud of everyone who participated in the bootcamp,” said Stowell. “The students worked hard to position themselves for the upcoming recruitment cycle and are well-prepared to be competitive despite this year’s challenging circumstances.”

To learn more about the Georgetown Master of Science in Finance program, visit our program overview page or request additional information here.