Georgetown University

The Georgetown MSF Blended4 Experience

Georgetown MSF Blended^4 ExperienceThe Georgetown McDonough M.S. in Finance (MSF) program was designed from its inception in 2014 to be an engaging, personalized experience that would revolutionize technology-intensive learning. We call it the Georgetown MSF Blended4 Experience because it is blended in four respects.

First, we blend asynchronous materials (e.g., animated professor videos with searchable transcripts) with required weekly synchronous/live class sessions, called MSFLive. This design provides you the flexibility to work on the preparatory material for MSFLive whenever and wherever it fits best within your weekly schedule. 

Second, we blend online and in-person students in the weekly MSFLive sessions held in our Blended Classroom, which is designed to ensure that both groups of students receive the same educational experience. Moreover, we offer MSFLive sessions on different days and times each week to keep the class size small for each MSFLIve session--which fosters bonding with your classmates and professors in our cohort format--and to fit with your schedule.

Third, we blend a part-time format, designed for working professionals with a full-time format designed for recent baccalaureate graduates or other students who are not currently employed. Moreover, you can transition from full-time to part-time status or vice versa within the same cohort.

Fourth, we blend online and in-person concierge-level student support services and career management services to empower you to receive the same level of support regardless of where you are in the world.

We also hold an in-person residency near the start of the program, a global consulting project where student teams travel abroad together to present findings to clients, and all students are invited to participate in our in-person graduation ceremony.

The result is an unparalleled mix of flexibility, academic rigor, global business training, and a remarkable return on your investment. Between the time of admission and six months after graduation for the classes of 2018-2020, our MSF graduates earned an average salary increase of 47% and 75% accepted new positions.