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Q&A with Georgetown University: The Georgetown MSF Summer Clinics Experience

Georgetown remains one of the most innovative programs in the marketplace. From its technology-intensive learning format to its global consulting projects, the Georgetown MSF provides a degree program that is flexible, responsive to industry needs and trends, and is highly engaging.

We sat down recently with Thomas Stowell, Associate Dean for MSF Career Management and Strategic Initiatives, to discuss the expansion of the MSF Summer Clinics – a unique optional program that provides students with an internship-like experience even if they are working full-time.

Q: What led you to the development of these unique MSF Summer Clinics?
A: From the very beginning, our founding director, Dr. Allan Eberhart, wanted to develop a program unique from those already in the marketplace. The commitment to innovation, excellence, and distinctiveness extends beyond the curriculum to our MSF Career Services Office and our desire to develop programs that give students an edge. As we listened to students early on in the program, we learned that one of the greatest challenges they faced was gaining enough experience to help facilitate a career pivot. With this in mind, we piloted a consulting project in summer 2016. Since then, the popularity of the MSF Summer Clinics has grown significantly. We have attracted new employer partners, expanded the focus of projects to include consulting, investing, and FinTech, and increased our student participation by double digits. The expansion of the MSF Summer Clinics has, in large part, been driven by market demand and the value students see in the experience. We have a very diverse student population, and these clinic opportunities provide a chance to test-drive an industry of interest and gain experience that can be invaluable in making a career change. In fact, many of the students who participated in the clinics in past years have used the experience to successfully make a career pivot – into leadership or specialist positions in consulting, investing, or another area of interest. 

Q: How are the clinics designed?
A: The optional MSF Summer Clinics are held during the break between the first and second year of the program. The clinic projects provide students the opportunity to engage in challenging, in-depth, fast-paced and relevant projects with corporate partners in the areas of Investing, Consulting and FinTech. Projects change each year and are informed by each cohort’s interests and the pressing problems facing our corporate partners at the time. Students work together virtually for eight weeks and are supported by one of our Executives in Residence, as well as liaisons from each of our corporate partner organizations. The clinics conclude with an in-person three-day culminating experience where teams finalize their presentations and then share their findings in an executive briefing with executives from our partner firms.

Q: Who is an ideal candidate for the clinics?
A: All MSF students completing their first year or recent graduates of the program are eligible to participate in the clinics. Georgetown’s MSF Summer Clinics are fast-paced and intensive, so we seek participants who can commit the time and energy to making the most of the experience.The clinics offer an excellent opportunity for students to test-drive a career field, develop or expand existing skills, interact with executives and thought leaders in different industry areas, and gain valuable experience to discuss in an interview.

Q: How will I know which summer clinic to choose?
A: Georgetown MSF offers access to a dedicated career center with one-on-one coaching. The Career Advising Team works closely with students to identify the best option for their career goals. Students considering participation also have an opportunity to discuss desired outcomes with the Executives in Residence who lead each project during a town hall held in the spring semester. Our Career Services support team works with each student to help them best position this experience on their resumes, in an interview, or within their current organization to help secure advancement. We have seen many successes -- for example, as a result of participating in consulting projects, Georgetown MSF graduates are now working for top consulting firms like Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Deloitte, and McKinsey.   

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