Georgetown University

Students Reflect on Meeting Classmates and Engaging in Case Competition During MSF Opening Residency

Even though the Georgetown MSF is a blended program – with classes online and in the blended classroom, personal interactions are the key to creating a lifelong support community of students and alumni. The Opening Residency, where new students come to campus for a case study competition, is an early opportunity for students to meet one another and their professors in person at the McDonough School of Business.

During the competition, which takes place following their first academic course (Financial Markets), student teams develop a strategy and present solutions to subject matter experts. Throughout the residency, students apply coursework to a real-world scenario while strengthening their leadership and communication skills. During the case competition, students also have time to connect with alumni, network with faculty, and access on-campus resources.

During the most recent Opening Residency, we chatted candidly with MSF Program students to gather their feedback on the experience.

What surprised you the most about the opening residency?

I was most surprised by the collaborative and supportive environment. The professors were very approachable. And, although this was a competition, there was a high level of collegial collaboration among the entire cohort.
– Carolyn, MSF VII

What was your favorite part of the opening residency?

My favorite part of the residency was being able to work as a team with fellow classmates, which enabled us to explore different ideas and perspectives in analyzing the case and deciding on a recommended path forward to present to the industry expert panel of judges.
– Evelyn, MSF VII

What was the most challenging aspect of the opening residency for you?

The case was partly focused on 2009. At the time I was 11, so it was hard for me to truly understand the economic landscape at that time whereas other people on my team were in the heart of their careers at that time. This was valuable; however, when it came to the analysis. I went in with a very objective and analytical approach that was not affected by my own biases of the time.
– Matthew, MSF VII

How did the residency push you to succeed outside of your comfort zone?

Personally, I struggle with presenting to groups, especially large ones. However, as a result of presenting our findings and recommendations to my classmates and the panel of industry expert judges, I am now more confident in my public speaking skills.
– Evelyn, MSF VII

What was the most rewarding aspect of the opening residency for you?

Presenting our case analysis in front of 60+ people was challenging, but also one of the most rewarding aspects of the opening residency. As a professional, only two years out of undergraduate school, I have found that delivery and communication is a key element to business. A critical analysis, a report, or an idea is only as good as how well others comprehend it. The idea is to find your light and then go share that light with others, so that they can find their own light and do the same.
– Carolyn, MSF VII