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Allan Eberhart, MSF Director

MSF Faculty

Allan Eberhart Professor of Finance Georgetown UniversityDr. Allan Eberhart, MSF Director, is a Professor of Finance. Professor Eberhart has published dozens of articles covering a wide range of topics such as market efficiency, bankruptcy and financial distress, equity valuation, option pricing, and the valuation of corporate research and development projects. His work has been published in the most prestigious journals in his field such as the Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, and the Journal of Accounting Research. Professor Eberhart has also served as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Banking and Finance and the Journal of Financial Research. In his service to Georgetown, he has been the Area Coordinator for the finance group, Chair of the Graduate Curriculum Committee, and has served on numerous other committees. He has also received multiple teaching awards including most recently the Professor of the Module award in December 2009. Professor Eberhart received a PhD from the University of South Carolina in 1989 and was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University during 1993-94. He has been an Affiliated Consultant with A.T. Kearney and has also been a consultant to many other firms including Standard and Poor’s, Bates and White, and Wood Creek Capital Management.

Selected Publications
Articles in journals:

  • Eberhart, A.; Maxwell, W., Akhtar, S.. "’A Reexamination of the Tradeoff Between the Future Benefit and Riskiness of R&D." Journal of Accounting Research 46 (2008): 27-52.
  • Allan Eberhart, William Maxwell, and Akhtar Siddique. "Does the Stock Market Underreact to R&D Increases?" Journal of Investment Management 4.1 (2006).
  • Allan Eberhart. "Employee Stock Options as Warrants." Journal of Banking and Finance 29.10 (2005): 2409-2433.
  • Allan Eberhart. "A Comparison of Merton’s Option Pricing Model of Corporate Debt Valuation to the Use of Book Values." Journal of Corporate Finance 11 (2005): 401-426.
  • Allan Eberhart, William Maxwell, Akhtar Siddique. "An Examination of Long-Term Abnormal Stock Returns and Operating Performance Following R&D Increases." Journal of Finance 59 (2004): 623-650.
  • Allan Eberhart. "A Comparison of Alternative Comparable Firm Classifications." Journal of Investing 13 (2004): 48-54.

Articles in books:

  • Allan Eberhart, Edward Altman, and Reena Aggarwal. "The Equity Performance of Firms Emerging from Bankruptcy." Corporate Restructuring Volume II. Ed. John J. McConnell and David J. Denis. Elgar Reference Collection, 2005: 623-636