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Edward Soule

MSF Faculty

Edward Soule faculty member of McDonough School of BusinessProfessor Edward Soule's teaching and research draws upon his business career (CPA & CFO) and his training in moral philosophy. He publishes in areas where morality intersects management, corporate strategy, and regulatory policy. And he teaches courses on managerial ethics, corporate social responsibility, and leadership.


Selected Publications


  • Edward Soule. Morality and Markets: The Ethics of Government Regulation. Rowman & Littlefield, 2003.

Articles in journals

  • Edward Soule, Marcus Hedahl, John Dienhart. "Principles of Managerial Moral Responsibility." Business Ethics Quarterly (2009).
  • Edward Soule. "The Precautionary Principle and the Regulation of U.S. Food and Drug Safety." Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 29.3 (2004): 333-350.
  • Edward Soule. "Managerial Moral Strategies: In Search of a Few Good Principles." Academy of Management Review 27.1 (2002): 114-124.
  • Edward Soule. "Assessing the Precautionary Principle." International Journal of Biotechnology 4.1 (2002): 18-33.
  • Edward Soule. "David Hume and Economic Policy." Hume Studies 26.1 (2000): 143-157.
  • Edward Soule. "Monsanto and Intellectual Property Rights." Teaching Ethics 2.1 (2000): 101-105.
  • Edward Soule. "Assessing the Precautionary Principle." Public Affairs Quarterly 14.2 (2000): 101-105.
  • Edward Soule. "Trust and Managerial Responsibility." Business Ethics Quarterly 8.2 (1998): 249-272.

Articles in books:

  • Edward Soule. "Regulation." Finance Ethics: Critical Issues in Theory and Practice. Ed. John Boatright. Wiley, 2010.
  • Edward Soule. "Corporate Strategy, Government Regulatory Policy, and NGO Activism: The Case of Genetically Modified Crops." Globalization and NGOs: Transforming Business, Government, and Society. Ed. Jonathan Doh and Hildy Teegen. Westport, CT: n/a, 2003.
  • Edward Soule with Larry May. "Sexual Harassment, Rape, and Criminal Sanctions." A Most Detestable Crime: New Philosophical Essays on Rape. Ed. Keith Burgess-Jackson. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999.


  • Embedding Ethics in Business and Higher Education: From Leadership to Management Imperative.