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Jose Luis Guerrero

MSF Faculty

Jose Luis GuerreroDr. Guerrero-Cusumano is a member of INFORMS, POMS, ASQ and ASA and he is in the editorial board of “Benchmarking for Quality Management and Technology: An International Journal” and in the editorial team of the “Journal of International Business Study.” He was also the winner of the international Tinker grant, the Belgian American Foundation Fellowship for Research grant and he is a member of the Minority Committee of the American Statistical Association. He is a founding member of The Multinational Alliance for the Advancement of Organizational Excellence (MAAOE). 

Dr. Guerrero-Cusumano was an examiner for the American National Science Foundation in the areas of “Transformations to Quality Organizations Program”, the “Production and Operations Research Program” and “the Innovation and Organizational Change Program”. Also, Professor Guerrero-Cusumano served as an examiner for the American National Research Council in the area of Benchmarking and for Institute of International Education. Internationally, Professor Guerrero-Cusumano is an examiner for the European Foundation for Quality Management (E.F.Q.M.). 

Dr. Guerrero-Cusumano has published over twenty five articles on leading journals, among these are: Journal of the Operational Research Society, The International Journal of Purchasing and Materials Management, Business Process Re-Engineering and Management Journal, Jurimetrics Journal of Law, Science and Technology, Communications in Statistics, and Information Sciences 

He has consulted with a number of firms, including General Motors. Professor Guerrero speaks French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, English, and German.

Selected Publications

Articles in journals:

  • Guerrero-Cusumano, J-L.; Selen, W. "A Comparison of International Quality Standards: Divergence and Agreement." Business Process Management Journal 3.3 (1997).
  • Buscaglia E.; Guerrero-Cusumano, J-L.  "Quantitative Analysis of Counterfeiting Activities in Developing Countries in the Pre-GATT Period." Jurimetrics 35 (1995): 221.